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Monday, July 31, 2017

The Door Is Open

Can you do me a favor?
Think of sin as a jail cell. 
Everyone says that they don't like jail, right?
And when a person thinks of jail they picture a dirty place filled with rats.
But this jail has pillows, curtains, blankets, 
everything that gives a human pleasure.
Who could resist that?
And Satan will leave that door wide open for us to leave,
but he knows that because this is a sinful world,
not very many people are going to want to leave.

Okay, now think about it like this.
God set us free. 
He opened that cell door and said, "Come be apart of my family."
And He gave us a choice to stay in that comfortable cell,
or to live for Him and live forever, no matter the cost.

And if you stay in that cell...
one day while you are resting on your comfortable bed, 
that door is going to slam in you face, 
and all that pleasure is going to become your worst nightmare.

Live for God, He deserves it for never giving up on you, 
for loving you the way He does.
Don't pretend to be happy,
don't pretend to enjoy your life with Christ.

1 comment:

  1. I first heard this analogy on God's Not Dead and thought it was really good!