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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas readers and followers!

Today I want to talk about the meaning of Christmas.

Christmas isn't about a generous Santa Claus who gives gifts the the good kids, but about the birth of Christ, who was born in a manger. Christmas is about presents, but not from the chubby Santa Claus, but from God. God sent his Son as a sacrifice to die for everyone's sins. I am 101% sure Santa would not want to die for our sins.

Christmas is suppose to be a reminder of God's goodness and mercy towards us, and all we can do is say, "Thank you, Lord." and sing praises for his name. It's not about thanking Santa Claus for being  generous or singing how nice he was, that's idolatry!

The meaning (and heart) of Christmas is Jesus being born in a manger, leaving the authority of Heaven to come live a perfect life in the broken world. We need to respect that. God created us, transformed us, and loved us. He is the reason of our existence.

Let's sing praises to God and thank Him for his goodness.

Have a merry Christmas!

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