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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Awkward Truth Launch Team

Hello there! I know, I'm posting more than I said, but it's just this day I have a lot to talk about.
Anyway, today I just wanted to share with you something I got from two of my writing bros, Jason and Peter (yes, the same two that nominated the Sunshine Award). They’re launching a new blog called Awkward Truth that I’m super excited about! And they need your help.
Here’s what Jason said:
"My friend, Peter Rogati, and I are starting a blog focused on discovering God’s absolute truth in His relational and natural creation, even and especially when it’s awkward.
But before I launch I need your help.
I’ve created a two-question survey. Your answers will shape the direction of this new project.
Will you take a few minutes to:
1.Complete the survey yourself 
2.Forward this email to anyone you think might be interested
Here’s the link to the survey:
Thank you so much for your support!
In Christ, 
I hope you show interest in their blog!
Your brother in Christ,

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