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Saturday, May 5, 2018


"Whoever keeps commandments keeps their life, but whoever shows contempt for their ways will die." (Proverbs 19:16)

Why am I going to talk about guardrails?

Because last year, a very close cousin of mine sent me an email talking about what was happening where he was and he told me about wanting to talk about about guardrails to friends. Here's how he puts it:
"Guardrails are those protective railings on roads that keep people from zooming off a cliff if they aren't paying attention or going to fast. Guardrails can also be standards or mental safeties that you put on yourself to keep you away from danger. For example, a guardrail could be that you won't watch TV or surf the Internet while your parents are away, that you don't get tempted to do something wrong by watching something you shouldn't."
He also said this, which is quite important:
"The weaker and closer to danger your guardrails are, the less likely they are to keep you safe."
I was (and still am) shocked by the truth of what my cousin said, but I'm very glad he shared it to me because it is something we need to ponder.
This year in March, I went to a Third Culture Kid (TCK or 3CK) camp and during a devotion time, the person that organized the camp came and talked to me about how he can pray for me. That's when I got to mention what my cousin said about guardrails. He encouraged it be saying this, which I really like:
"We need to keep those guardrails tight and strong."
Indeed, we do need them to be that way to prevent ourselves from falling into temptation easily.

I'll tell you about one good guardrail I have that I made in my life is to not go anywhere with a  girl alone. (NOTE- This is influenced by my cousin having the same guardrail.)

To end the article, I want to encourage you to make good guardrails and keep them tight and strong or you may fall a lot easier. Plus a cartoon I saw on Pinterest, click here.

God bless your week!
Your brother in Christ,


  1. That cartoon on Pinterest is funny, yet so true!
    Thank you for sharing, Michael!

  2. Yes!!! We need guardrails! (And I have many!) And I have the same guardrail you do, Michael..I’m not going to date (go out with a guy by myself.) :) Keep blogging for Him!