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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Your Calling (Guest post by Anne Rhys)

Hey there! Today we have another guest poster! Enjoy reading:

Finding your calling is hard, it could take a while.
How do you do that? Well, there’s no one answer at all. Except through God.
For me, to reach others would be to write. Sure there are other ways I can and will do that, but mainly writing is what I do. That took me several years to figure out, and I haven’t even been doing it for very long. Here are some ways to help you think about your calling.

1. What are your God given talents or spiritual gifts. What are you good at? What are your interests?

2. Seek advice and godly counsel from your parents, peers, mentors, and others who know you and can help you figure things that might what God is calling you to do.

3. Explore and try different and things. Maybe you haven't found it yet. Keep praying for God's guidance.

We are called to live for the Lord, we are called to spread his word. And there are so many ways for each and everyone of us to do that. We all have one.

Bio: Anne Rhys is a young writer who has been blogging for the past two years at Father's Joy and is continually finding her calling in pursuing God. She also writes fiction, and loves reading.

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