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Saturday, June 16, 2018

My Social Media

God sure can give the most interesting of things to write about, right?

You might be wondering, "What is your social media?"

I will tell you that it is better than any other social media in the world, but you only get to talk to one person.

Sounding boring? Stay with me a little longer.

That one person is there for you all the time, whenever you are discouraged, that person will encourage you. When you are hurting, that person is there to comfort you.

Sounding better? Now time for the most confusing part.

You can't contact this person from your phone.

What? Oh wait, first you need to know who this person is!

His name is Jesus. That's right, Jesus Christ our Savior. 

But wait, what are we using to contact Jesus?

Okay, I'll stop playing mysterious: my social media is the Bible.


Because God is always there for us and we can go to Him anytime, especially when we are discouraged or hurting. The Bible has so many great chapters and verses that can encourage you and help you through things in your life. 

Reading your Bible and talking to God everyday is way better than Facebook and Instagram because God will not discourage you or hurt you when you talk to Him and read the Bible, He will give us godly things to think about, and rest in His presence. 
(NOTE-I am not saying that people on Facebook or Instagram won't discourage or hurt you, there are great people on Facebook and Instagram or any type of social media) 
Also, reading the Bible and talking to God refreshes us and give us energy, not drain it. 
(Facebook can be very draining sometimes, but that is my perspective and I don't want a debate)

So, take time to talk to God and read the Bible, for He will "strengthen you and help you; [He] will uphold you with [His] righteous right hand." (Isaiah 41:10)

Keep on obeying God and reaching others!
God bless your week!

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