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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

I'm Back And See Ya

It has been 2 months since I wrote a post here.

Admittedly, I nearly forgot about Obey God, Reach Others after getting back from the US. This post is most likely the last post on Obey God, Reach Others. 

I'm very sad to say that because, honestly, I never believed I had a taste for blogging and non-fiction. Every single time I tried writing something like a devotional, the words just don't come through. I dabble at blogging because I feel too pressured and out of ideas of what to post (thus a reason why my posts get shorter and seem to not make sense).

I hate to admit this, but I don't believe Obey God, Reach Others glorifies God. I didn't make posts to encourage you all to "obey God and reach others," I don't quote Scriptures often in my posts, I misinterpreted a few things like a verse, and a couple of other things. Plus, I barely edit my posts. (I won't edit this post either because, yeah, I'm done with this blog.)

So, I'm ready to stop blogging on Obey God, Reach Others. However, you won't see the last of me. I have been writing books, so I will need an author's platform sometime. Which means, this might not be the last post... Only because I might post the link to my author's platform here so that you can feel free to subscribe to it. ;)

I just want to tell you all, even though it might sound like I made Obey God, Reach Others for nothing, it was not wasted. God used Obey God, Reach Others to give me an understanding of blogging and helped me write. 

I will say this, I won't delete Obey God, Reach Others. It will stay as a memorial and a place where you (and I) can read old posts, if that is, you do come back on here often to read old posts, but you'll most likely get tired of them all.

As the last post of Obey God, Reach Others, I will encourage you all to obey God even in hard times and reach the lost people of the world or even just those in your neighborhood. 

Obey God and reach others,